Casper Children's Chorale

Mother's Day Concert

May 12, 2019

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Chorale Mothers Day 2019
The Program:
Children's Chorale "Come and SING!"
Bel Canto
Children's Chorale "In His Eyes, We Are ONE"
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The Program

Casper Children's Chorale "Come and SING!"

Come and Sing
Lascia Chi'a Pianga
Brightest and Best
Sing On
Cantamos (We Sing!)
When We Sing
Psalm 100
Psalm 23
 Jubilate Deo
I'm Goin' Up A Yonder

Bel Canto "God Bless the Child that's got a Song"

Come out and Play
Children Will Run
I Won't Grow Up

Children's Chorale "In His Eye's We Are ONE"

Let the River Run
Harriet Tubman
Something in the Dark
Give Us Hope
In His Eyes
Git Along Little Dogies
Ragtime Cowboy Joe

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