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Because of the nature of memory diseases, it is hard for Alzheimer's sufferers to watch television and movies. It is difficult and frustrating to follow the plot and remember the characters of movies, situation comedies and dramas. Most television programs are also geared these days to a younger audience and have a lot of fast paced, jarring pictures with loud music that can be irritating to older viewers.

Our videos are an alternative to regular television programs, and each DVD has no story or characters. They are filled with scenes of nature, including Saguaro National Monument, Yellowstone National Park, wetlands in Florida, the Blue Ridge Mountains and tropical fish in the Bahamas, all set to natural sound and soft pleasant music. The DVDs show deer, buffalo, colorful fish, wild birds and other animals in these pastoral settings, with many scenes of mountains, creeks, waterfalls, geysers, lakes, wild flowers, and sunsets.

The videos are used in in-home care settings, nursing homes, and residential group homes. Nursing homes are finding them very useful in the recreation areas of their Special Care Units and Memory Units, and spouses and adult children are using the DVDs in their homes to care for their loved ones.

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